HAMBER Underfloor Safes

An underfloor safe offers outstanding security for cash and jewellery. It can be discreetly hidden from view, typically inside a cupboard, set in re-inforced concrete and covered with a mat, hidden from view. Even if a burglar discovered it, an underfloor safe is much more difficult to attack than a free standing safe of equivalent cost. When installed, the immensely strong door is recessed below floor level, making a physical attack even more difficult. A top cover plate then fits flush with the floor. Another benefit of underfloor safes is the level of insulation provided by the concrete encasement, which gives a high degree of fire resistance.

Although primarily designed for installation in a solid floor, an equally satisfactory installation can be achieved in a wooden floor, by constructing shuttering to contain the concrete.

Hamber Safes are a UK manufacturer of premium quality underfloor safes, established in 1963.. The safes are designed to exceptionally high engineering standards and incorporate many patented features. They are highly regarded by Insurance Surveyors, Master locksmiths and other security experts.

In 2005 Hamber acquired Dreadnought Security, incorporating Secure Safes (Coventry) Ltd. They now produce former Dreadnought models under the Hamber name, and can supply spare parts for some obsolete models.

We have been privileged to distribute Hamber Safes in Ireland for 30 years. We hold extensive stocks of different sizes, and insurance grades, including models with optional quick deposit facility.


Round Door; £6000GBP Insurance Rating

The Econominder has a 140mm Round Door machined from Stainless Steel. Unlike most underfloor safes, it has a user friendly 'free rotating' mechanism, which makes it easier to remove and replace the door. It has a high security double bitted keylock, as standard with optional Combination or Digital locking also available. The interior of the safe is lined with a soft nylon flock material, to give protection to precious objects. An optional capsule deposit facility allows cash deposits to made through the non-return tube, without opening the door.



Round Door; £10,000GBP Insurance Rating

The Minder is similar in design to the Econominder above, but has a stronger and heavier door for extra security. It also has the full range of locking options, and a deposit option.

Dreadnought Defender

Round Door; £20,000 GBP Insurance Rating

The Dreadnought defender is the highest grade safe in the Hamber range, and is designed primarily to protect cash in commercial premises. It incorporates special barrier materials to resist attack by Oxy-Acetylene or other flame cutting tools.



Square Door; £4000 GBP Insurance Rating (C2 models)

                         £7000 GBP Insurance Rating (C4 models)

The Caretaker has a larger 230mm square door, which gives greater access than the round door models, making it suitable for bulkier items. (A4 documents can be stored unfolded). A choice of doors is available with 2 or 4 locking bolts. The C4 4 bolt model also  has increased steel thickness over the lock, and additional security features to protect against attack.

Lynx above floor safe

Round Door; £6000GBP insurance rating;

The Lynx is a hybrid design comprising the round door from the Minder underfloor model, and a heavily upgraded body which bolts to the floor. It is ideal for installations at upper floor levels or in rented premises where the landlord will not permit installation of an underfloor safe. An optional capsule deposit facility is available.